Monday, January 28, 2008

Sheppard Fairey

is a beast.

along with these people...

Lucy Williams _

Ron Mueck -

more at:

Monday, January 21, 2008

Thursday, January 17, 2008

BIllys BAAAACK!!!!

THats right! wild child BIlly Gross is back in RVA and its on. Expect a lot of yelling, lotta sweat, lotta brew, pretty much a lot of everyhting. Ladies, feel free to give him you warmest welcome and call him at 2am, as you can see he's a good talker.
Welcome back BRoSKi. see you at Mingles.

Bjork at Redrocks

Bjork + Redrocks + lazers = aaaaaawwsome

GET HYPE Machine!!

Collection of all the blog music on the net. THis means crucial obscureness and remix galore.

Some people would prefer to just use Google reader or search the music blogs through google, but... we all know which is better eh? right?
Some of my favorite searches are as follow:
-jackson 5
-Mr me too z.a.k remix
- gang gang dance
- artanker convoy
- beatles
- Frank sinatra/B.I.G.
- dub reggae

For you VCU heads out there...

Get Minglin'

I've never heard of this place either but apparently its the spot now. Just go, you know your bored. shoot. See ya there.